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RFD-PaulHosted by Paul LaRoche, Hidden Heritage is a brand new series on RFD-TV

Told in 30-minute episodes the show shares inspiring and uplifting stories that come from Paul’s personal journey into Native America.  As founder of the award-winning contemporary Native American group, Brulé and AIRO (American Indian Rock Opera), Paul and his family have traveled across the heartland performing their unique blend of music for 12 years.  Show topics are gathered from their own experiences as they reconnected with Paul’s blood family from the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe and met indigenous people from all walks of life. 

The weekly episodes cover a variety of themes—some with humor, some with important historical elements, some with musical components—whether told from the simple setting of their backyard fire pit or the grandness of America’s majestic Mount Rushmore National Monument. 


Paul’s re-entry into Native America has given him the opportunity to spend time with Lakota elders and spiritual leaders.  Listen in as Paul sits down with Sioux elders and tribal leaders to hear in their own words some of the great wisdoms that have been passed down through the generations.  Cameras follow Paul to historic and sacred Siouan sites, such as Mato Paha, Bear Butte State Park, and Paha Sapa, the beautiful Black Hills.  Viewers see why this area in the southwestern corner of the state is considered “the jewel of South Dakota” and is still one of America’s great family vacation destinations.  Paul makes a stop at the Lower Brule Sioux Pow Wow, an annual event that’s “part-county fair, part-family reunion, and part-church social” all wrapped into three days in celebration of song, dance and ceremony.

GroupPaul and friends take to the road via motorcycle and travel the back roads of reservation lands with stops at historical sites and breathtaking scenic overviews along the way.  Other episodes spotlight Native American arts and introduce American Indian festivals held in cities and small towns all across the country.

Wildlife and nature have played a significant role to the American Indian culture for centuries.  Paul and his son, Shane, take a close look at how hunting and conservation programs operate on Native American lands.  Farming and ranching topics are also covered when Paul makes a visit to the Lower Brule Tribal Farm to talk about land ownership, the beef industry, and agricultural principles on reservation lands.

Join along with Paul and his family as they retrace their steps across the heartland, reuniting with people who have impacted their journey, showcasing the best of Native America to the RFD-TV audience. 


The RFD-TV cable network offers programming that focuses on rural lifestyle, agriculture, equine, and music/entertainment.  Uplinked via satellite from NorthStar Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, RFD-TV is broadcast to 69 million subscribers in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  The corporate and national sales office is based in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Hidden Heritage airs Monday, 8:30 pm; Tuesday 10:30 am; and Wednesday, 7:30 am, Central Time Zone.  Check your local cable or satellite provider for channel information.  Season Two begins August 2010.

For more information on Paul LaRoche and Brulé visit

To learn more about RFD-TV, go to, Rural America’s Most Important Network. 


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